Don't ignore your loft!

So after a hard day drilling timber joists on a new extension for the first fix pipework I made my way home. On my way I had to stop at Capel Le Ferne to do an LPG boiler installation quote.

When i finally got home i jumped in the shower to rid myself of a ton of sawdust and grime! I finally got to sit down on the sofa with a glass of red wine at 8 o'clock. My mobile rang and for some ridiculous reason I decided to answer it. A good customer of mine was frantically shouting down the phone that she had water coming through her ceiling. I put on my plumber superhero uniform and jumped in the van. When i got there and climbed in the loft I could see a 200 litre bulging cold water tank about to burst! The ball valve had failed and whoever installed it did not bother to connect the overflow pipe. There was no isolation valve on it either. I jumped down from the loft and found the stopcock downstairs.......SEIZED!! My last resort was out in the street and luckily I managed to find the water meter and shut it off there. I returned to the loft, changed the float valve and cut in an isolation valve. The pipework in the loft was horrendous with old pipework cut and not capped, temporary fittings, no lagging etc, etc. I have arranged to return at the weekend and put all of this right. Just because it is out of sight you need to maintain pipework and valves in the loft and make sure you know where your stopcock is and that it works.

Anyway it was back home, another shower and bed, no wine!